Dress Code 2017-2018

March 2018
Animated Textiles, 4Mins 21 secs.
February 2018
In February 2018, after a visit to India, I explored the potential f miniature painting; each day’s painting is 2.5 x 3 cm.
Watercolour on paper, 12 cm x 18 cm.
Oct 2017
Double sided pen and watercolour on rice paper book, 3 cm x 5 cm
September 2017
Wool, Button’s, coat hanger, 60 cm x 30 cm
August 2017
I painted socks around the edge of a brass plate.
Oil on brass, 25 cm x 25 cm
June 2017
Oil and watercolour on squashed cans, variable sizes.
May 2017
painted and stitched quilt with inserted animation of elephant fabric, 110 cm x 100 cm

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