Dress Code

Drawing my life through my clothes

Since April 2013 I have been making a drawing of what I wear each day. The drawings respond to much more than my clothing, varying widely in their approach and media. From April 2016 to April 2017 I produced an animation. I have subsequently focused on monthly projects: A quilt in May 2017, a set of Polaroids in June 2018, a bi-fold book in September 2018, a tablecloth that I embroidered on my pilgrimage around the Japanese island of Shikoku in 2019, watercolours of Zoom meetings in May 2020, an embroidered and beaded blanket from the 2021 lockdown…..


‘The first purpose of clothes, as our professor imagines, was not warmth or decency, but ornament. … the pains of Hunger and Revenge once satisfied, his next care was not Comfort but Decoration.’


Cloth is good.It’s the perfect combination of the tactile and the visual: you feel cloth; it wraps itself around you.

The Way We Were
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