Dress Code 2020


For my September 2020 project I made masks for friends and posted them on Instagram
June 2020
One frame for every hour… There was a lot of pyjama wearing in lockdown (except for the outfits I wore for Life Drawing Live on SBS)

Her Dresses now wear their own selves, her books leaf through their own pages.

VLADIMIR NABOKOV, in Look at the Harlequins

May 2020
Watercolours based on the zoom meetings I attended almost every day.
April 2020
Socially distanced drawing; drawing without touching the paper.
One drop of colour based on what I was wearing per day.

March 2020
Pen on Ingres paper

February 2020
Stop-motion animation.

Art is in everything; It is in a gesture, a vase, a cooking pan, a glass, a sculpture, a piece of jewelry, a way of carrying yourself. Making love is an art.


In the presidential election, if you could conservatively say I spent an hour a day for hair and make-up, that’s an hour that a male candidate didn’t have to spend…

HILLARY CLINTON in Julia Gillard and Ngoxi Okonjo-Iweala’s ‘Women and Leadership’

January 2020
ink and watercolour on paper

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