Dress Code 2021


In January 2021 I made little watercolours each day of my summer holiday.
In February 2021 I drew my hand each day in the colours I was wearing.

How many passages of my life seem to be epitomised in this patchwork quilt. Here … are remnants of that bright copper cushion that graced my mother’s chair … and here is a fragment of the first gown that was ever cut for me with a bodice waist.

A New England Mill Worker. The Lowell Offering, 1845

All her history was made of cloth.

Jim Grace, Quarantine, 1997
During Lockdown in Sydney I wore pretty much the same clothes every day… so I made a blanket, pricing together scraps of materials, buttons, beads and felt that I had lying around the studio. I started making patchwork and the lockdown continued. So then I embroidered and the lockdown continued… Quilted and then beaded.

In May I went for a wander and found myself in some of my favourite art works. Here you see me having meals with family and friends, visiting a vineyard with my Dad, working in the studio, the office and the classroom.

The ancient Greeks believed human destiny was controlled by the Fates, three mythological sisters who visited every child soon after birth. Clotho, the most powerful, would take her spindle and spin the thread of their life; Lachesis carefully measured its length; and Atropos would sever it, determining the exact moment of death.

Kassia St Clair, The Golden Thread,

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